Have an old car that is all broken down, and you do not know what to do with it? Well, your car must be probably under the category of a junk car which may get you to think that it will not sell but there is a market out there for selling junk cars. Some businesses would buy junk cars or at least some parts of it that have not gone bad. Sometimes if the car is not dead yet, they will buy the whole car for a good price. Here are some tips on how to sell your junk car or cars.  

The first thing you should do is to check for all the papers in your car. Making sure that you still have all the papers of the car showing your ownership over it is important because you need to show the buyer that you own it. Even if your car is a junk car, you still have to prove that you own it because are exchanging ownership. Therefore, the buyer would need to have the papers to show that he owns it after buying the car. If you do not have the necessary documents to show ownership, then you would most likely end up keeping the car because you would not be allowed to sell it.  


After gathering all the papers of the car, you should then give the car a full check-up. Giving the car a check-up means assessing all the damages done to the car. List down all the damages of the car and list down the ones that are still good to go. Make sure you know a lot about the car because buyers will surely ask about every single detail of it. Knowing exactly what is wrong and what is good with the car will arm you with enough knowledge to answer the basic questions of the buyers.  


Then you should shop the car around and get quotations from different auto shops and junkyards near your area. Even if the car is not in good shape you should still strive to get the price out of it. You must have paid a lot of money to acquire the car when you first got it so you should get try to get the next best price even if it is beaten down. More often than not, each auto shop or junkyard will give you different prices for the car and you should choose the best choice available.   


Now that you have chosen the price at which you want to sell it, you must deliver it to the place you chose. Make sure to give all the papers that are needed to show ownership because the buyer would need that. If you need to hire a tow truck to bring the car then do so but try to bargain with the place that will buy it to pay for it but if not then paying for it will do just fine. These are some of the tips that you should remember when trying to sell your junk car.