Success….isn’t that what we all hope for? That and money, I suppose, have become the American dream. I believe success comes in many forms, not just how much financial wealth you attain. For instance, I visited the city of St Pete recently and noticed the interesting sights it had to offer. Is that a success story for St Pete? I would say so! The town prospers from tourism and the residents reap the benefits of living in a place that makes them look good. 

Success can be something as little as having enough money to buy groceries every week or it can be as huge as owning a multi-billion dollar business. Some people are content to live life with just enough to get by and others crave the moon and the stars. A child feels proud of his success at learning to tie his shoes. A teenager might feel successful if he manages to get a date for the school prom. A single mother works day and night to raise her children with good morals and to keep them fed and healthy. When she meets those goals, that is an important success in her life. My Dad worked two jobs to make ends meet and to provide just a little bit extra for our family. That, to me, is a success story. There are so many definitions of success that it’s impossible for me to think of them all, much less, list them. 


I measure my own personal successes by how my husband and I brought up our children. Are they successful because of what we taught them? I would like to think so but they also are responsible for their own successes in life. 


I watched a squirrel the other day as it made its way across the top of our backyard fence. That, alone, isn’t so unusual but this little guy was carrying an old roll as he scampered along. He slipped off of the top a few times but got right back up and, amazingly, never dropped the roll. The bottom line is, he made it to the tree that he was heading for. NOW….that was success!


I guess what I am trying to say is, no matter what you accomplish in your lifetime, whether it’s becoming world famous or just recognized by your family and friends, consider it a milestone of a success. A person’s best judge and critic is himself. If you want to succeed in any endeavor (large or small) you have to believe in yourself.


While sitting and looking out my window as I write this, I see a trailer across the street with the logo “Dumpster Rentals St Pete” and it occurs to me that the dumpster belongs to someone or some company that has succeeded in realizing their dream. Just another example of what this article is all about.


One tiny caveat that I want to add is this: don’t get so caught up in the process of succeeding that you lose sight of what’s even more significant….family and loved ones!