Good Samaritans come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes when we least expect it, someone will come along and lend a helping hand and lift our spirits. When an event such as this occurs, our belief in the concept of humanity soars to a new high. Recently, while I was stranded alone in a church parking lot with my dead car battery, I realized I had left my cell phone at home. It was a little after noon and church services were long over and all members long gone. Needless to say, I was at a total loss as to how I could get out of the dire situation. After a few tears and taking a few deep breaths, my only option was to begin to walk to the nearest shopping center which was a couple of miles from my location. As I started my trek down the side of the road, I felt as though someone was following me. Being a woman of small stature and on the 60 plus side, my heart started racing and a wave of fear arose within me. I’m happy to tell you that, to my surprise, a kind looking gentleman called out to me in order to avoid startling me. He was too close to me for me to try outrunning him so I took a breath and said a prayer. Turns out this knight in shining armor had passed by the church’s parking lot and spotted this damsel in distress. He held out a business card with the words manager, dumpster rentals Davie on it. In that moment my worries faded and I realized he was merely offering to help me out. Since I was only a few steps from the church lot, he suggested that I go back to my vehicle and he would meet me there to check out my car. To further put me at ease, he suggested that I use his cell phone to call someone and let them know what was happening and alert them of my location. He then proceeded to check my car battery and charge it so I could continue on my way. As an extra measure he waited until I got on the road safely. It was an experience I will never forget.